Look to the Stars
by Alice Isom Gubler Stratton
A Location or Place Mentioned in "Look to the Stars"
Antelope Cave
Photo of Winferd Gubler
Winferd Gubler as a young man
Modern-day rediscoverer of Antelope Cave

In Chapter 19, Alice describes her first visit to Antelope Cave in 1930 with her husband, Winferd, who discovered the cave "some years back"--most likely in the earily 1920s or perhaps a tad earlier. The cave is in northern Arizona, southwest of Colorado City and Hilldale, southeast of Hurricane, Utah, very close to where a large power transmission line traverses the Arizona Strip, Mohave County, Arizona.

The cave was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on 10 October, 1975.

In the November 13, 1974 issue of the Kingman Daily Miner, Roman Malach published an article in his column, Malach Writes, titled "Dusty Trip to Antelope Cave" wherein he shares a lot of interesting information about the cave and various archealogical excavations that have taken place there. He doesn't mention Winferd's discovery of the cave, nor the apparently earlier-than-1950 digs by Brigham Young University.

Because of the historical and archeaological significance of this site, public access to the cave is prohibited. Thick, steel bars prevent access to unauthorized persons.